Fessenden Co-op Association Credit Policy

All purchases made on credit during a month are due and payable by the 31st day of the following month.  A finance charge of 1.5% per month, which is an annual rate of 18% per year, will be applied to that part of any previous balance which is not paid on the date of the statement.  All purchases on credit during any month must be paid on or before the 31st day of the following month to avoid incurring a finance charge.  

The balance of your account to which a finance charge will be imposed is the total of all purchases incurred during a calendar month but not paid for by the 31st day of the following month, plus any previous purchases which remain unpaid.

The minimum monthly payment is payment in full of all balances appearing on your current statement of account on or before the 31st day of the month following receipt of your statement.  

Each payment shall be applied first to unpaid finance charges, then to merchandise and/or services purchased on credit.  

Any customer may be placed on a cash only basis at any time at the discretion of management.  Management also has the authority to put limits on the amount a customer can charge even if the account is not past due.  A credit application may be required.

This is a general guideline of the Co-op’s policy and is not intended to restrict the Co-op in any manner from pursuing any more or less aggressive approach at any time that the Co-op’s management deems appropriate under the circumstances.   

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Winfield United Secure Financing

Operating loans from traditional ag lenders are based on financial factors, not yield potential. As a result, they often lend only up to the amount of insured production for operating loans, which can leave growers short the dollars needed to farm most profitably.

  • SECURE by WinField United supplements bank loans with low-cost, fixed-rate financing. 
  • SECURE by WinField requires no collateral up to $500,000. This makes the loan “unsecured,” so there is no lien on grain or land. 
  • SECURE is available in the fall, so you can take advantage of early-order discount programs (often at 0%  interest). 
  • Payment isn’t due until after the crop is sold, giving you time to market crops at a more opportune time.
  • Even if the current year’s loan isn’t paid off, you can take out a second loan for the coming season. 

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John Deere  Financing

We support John Deere Financing for many crop protection and seed product purchases. This special-terms program requires a simple one-page application. Finance crop inputs and take advantage of no-payments/no-interest, or deferred payment programs tied to your production cycle. Call us for more details.

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