Partnering for Productivity and Profitability

Growing value for your crops

At Fessenden Co-op Association agronomy, we see each day as a new opportunity to help our growers succeed. From crop planning through harvest, we are your one-stop source for sound advice, reliable service, and a full range of crop input products.

We make significant investments in our people, facilities, and communities to strengthen our partnerships with local farms. Our farmer members rely on us to be there when needed, and we go to great lengths to make sure we deliver for them.

Contact your local Fessenden Co-op agronomist to discuss the newest products, agronomic strategies, and services to help you grow better crops and be more profitable.

Our professionals

The agronomy professionals at Fessenden Co-op Association are here to provide prompt service and sound economic advice. Rest assured, if they recommend something, it’s because they believe it will give you the best value for your dollar.

Many of our agronomists are Certified Crop Advisers. They regularly attend training sessions and educational opportunities to keep them up to speed on new products and agronomic developments.



We offer input financing at attractive terms through Secure by Winfield and John Deere credit.


Find a career with Fessenden Co-op Agronomy

We’re always on the lookout for our future crop of agronomy professionals. Contact us to learn about internships and current career opportunities.

Always learning to provide unbiased seed recommendations

To provide our growers with the best seed recommendations from so many brands, we get out in the field and learn.

We collect data from seed plots spread throughout our territory, so we can get a broad view of how they work. Our long experience with the brands we represent also helps us understand what seed performs best on an individual field.

Ask us for a consultation on your farm for an unbiased assessment. Let us put our knowledge to work for you to determine which seed options are most likely to meet your objectives.

Crops and seed brands

Fessenden offers row crop and small grain seed from national and local brands. Other common varieties upon request.



DeKalb, CROPLAN, LG Seeds, Proseed, Thunder, NK



Asgrow, CROPLAN, NK, Proseed, Thunder, LG Seed



AgriPro, WestBred, CROPLAN

Edible Beans

Edible Beans

ADM Seedwest, Treasure Valley







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Consolidated seed guide to quickly compare

Fessenden Co-op produces a seed guide to make it easier for growers to compare hybrids and varieties. We combine data sheets across brands in one spot to give you what you need to make decisions.

Ask for your consolidated seed guide, and you’ll never go back to sorting through books again! Contact Brian Beckley @ (701) 547-3018


We monitor seed plots across our territory as part of our commitment to help you make the best decisions for your land and way of farming.

These plots provide local, not regional, data to get a better understanding of performance. We also use large scale plots with rows up to one-half-mile long to better assess real-world crop performance.

We’ll be posting last year’s data on the site soon. Check back often.

Seed treatment

Conditions are rarely perfect when a seed goes in the ground. Seed treatments can provide added protection to get plants off to a healthy start.

Ask us about options for seed treatment. Our wheat and soybean seed treaters are in Carrington, Sheyenne, Fessenden, Maddock, and Esmond.

Plant nutrition for a wide range of crops

With so much to do in the spring and fall, it seems that timelines are compressed more each growing season. That’s why it pays to partner with Fessenden Co-op Association for your crop nutrient needs. We’ll help prepare you for each season and get the work done.

In addition to sources of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, we carry a wide range of specialty products, micronutrients and nitrogen stabilizers.

We’re always evaluating new products, and we look at them critically through research and prior data. We make sure a product works before we recommend it to our growers!

Facilities and Equipment

Our main hub is in Hamberg. This modern plant offers dry and liquid fertilizers and various micronutrients. It is capable of loading out 500-600 tons/hour of fertilizer products. 

We have storage in Esmond, Fessenden, Carrington, and Sheyenne. We serve custom-application customers from these locations, and we also can deliver. We utilize six spreaders and 14 tenders to handle applications when you need them. 

Hamberg Fertilizer Plant

Sheyenne Fertilizer Plant

Fessenden Sprayer

Esmond Sprayers

Protecting crops from weeds, pests, and disease

Our diverse crops and topography require a partner who is on top of the latest developments in crop protection. Whether it’s new chemistries, branded products versus generics, or new agronomic threats, we have the knowledge to deliver what’s needed for your fields.

Look to us for:

  • A broad source of crop protection products. We work with all the basic manufacturers and many others as well.
  • Quality-tested Winfield adjuvants for maximum performance.
  • Crop scouting to identify any developing threats.
  • Herbicide resistance best practices, including crop rotation and a combo of pre- and post-emerge applications.
  • Access to aerial applicators in years when it’s needed.
  • Convenient locations in Fessenden, Esmond, MaddockSheyenne, and Carrington.

Custom application, deliveries, and more

Whether you need applications or deliveries, we will get you taken care of in a timely fashion no matter where you’re located in our sales territory. 

We set the standard for service, and we employ a fully qualified staff at all locations who work as a team to deliver the best result for your fields. 

Equipment and services

Four crop protection sprayers

We can quickly reach all parts of our sales territory within a day or two.

Dry and liquid fertilizer spreaders


Soil testing, variable-rate technology, mapping, scouting


Drones as part of scouting services

Agronomy Locations

Central City Grain
Location Details

PO Box 500; 1000 9th St North
Carrington,ND 58421-0500

Esmond Fertilizer Plant
Location Details

PO Box 98; 65 North Pacific Ave NE
Esmond,ND 58332

Fessenden Chemical Plant
Location Details

PO Box 126; 4250 Old US 52
Fessenden,ND 58438

Fessenden Fertilizer Plant
Location Details

PO Box 126; 900 Railway St South
Fessenden,ND 58438-0126

Maddock Elevator
Location Details

PO Box 279; 202 Railway Ave
Maddock,ND 58348

New Rockford Elevator
Location Details

819 3rd Ave South
New Rockford,ND 58356

Precision Ag Results
Location Details

PO Box 182; 338 Railway Ave
Maddock,ND 58348

Sheyenne Elevator
Location Details

PO Box 218; 203 Main St N
Sheyenne,ND 58374

Agronomy Staff

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